Spring 2024 Paddle Tennis Invitational


I Heart 80s Theme

Running from April 19 to May 5, 2024

Chaired by: Wendi and Rodger Hoffman

This is a mixed doubles paddle tennis tournament with divisions for players of all levels. There will be a practice period featuring organized round robins, a pizza night. Saturday, May 4th, Tiare Terrace will be open late and there will be a movie played by the pool for your keikis.


March 1 - Registration opens
April 19
 - Draw Party and kickoff for two-week tournament
April 20 to 30 -Practice Play
May 1 to 5 - Tournament Play
May 5th at 6:00pm - Awards Dinner following the championships


Registration & Fees

Member registration fee: $135

Guest Player registration fee: $150

Includes two dinners (Draw Party & Awards) and a two-week guest membership to the Club.

Please note additional fees apply if Members or Guest Players want to bring a non-playing guest to Fall Draw Party or Awards Dinner. For example if a Guest Player would like to bring a date that is not playing in the tournament then they would be charged for +1 person. Additional Draw Party dinner guest $55 and additional Awards Dinner guest $65. Keiki meals $20.

Contact Tournament Chairs Wendi and Rodger Hoffman at [email protected] for sponsorship or volunteer opportunities.

Paddle Tennis Invitational 2023

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  • a. 2.5
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  • c. 3.5
  • d. 4.0
  • e. 4.5
  • f. 5.0+
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  • a. AAA
  • b. AA
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