The Pacific Club is home to four paddle tennis courts, three of which are lined for pickleball. Court one has a basketball hoop. Tennis and pickleball machines are also available for use.

Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis at The Pacific Club has been a longstanding tradition. The game is played with similar rules as tennis but on a smaller court. At The Pacific Club, a regular tennis ball is used (a deflated ball is traditional on the East Coast), a special paddle is used instead of a tennis racket, and serving is done overhand.

Classes and lessons are held weekly and competition matches are available at every skill level. For the avid player, The Pacific Club holds semiannual Invitational and Masters Tournaments, a Queens of the Court Tournament and an annual Club Championship in the fall.


Pickleball is a paddleball sport played with a plastic ball with holes. The sport was first invented in 1965 and is enjoyed by all ages. It’s rapidly grown in popularity at the club. This fun, the social game is great for beginners and competitive players alike. Weekly lessons and classes are available. An annual club tournament is held in the fall and regular clinics, including special guest Pro clinics, are scheduled annually.