Our Mission

To be the gathering place where members, their families, and guests flourish in gracious accommodating island surroundings.


About Us

The Pacific Club is the oldest private club of its kind west of the Mississippi. While the Club has certainly evolved since its establishment in 1851, and some of the “polished manners” and “strict decorum” have faded, the principles upon which the Club were founded have not changed.

Members value their membership because the Club promotes fellowship and camaraderie. The Club provides a beautiful setting for the reception of members, families, guests, travelers, and residents.

The Pacific Club has evolved as the world has changed. The Club has long maintained the most important values of its founders, namely the quality and character of its membership. At the same time, the Club offers the benefits of modern amenities in gracious and accommodating island surroundings.

Today, The Pacific Club is a business club, a family club, a social club, an athletic club, and a dining club. Its membership is more diverse today than at any time in its history. The Club’s members enjoy a commonality in friendship and belonging. While the Club is open to a broad range of society, one still needs to be invited by a sponsoring member. The political, social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds of the Club’s membership are more blended than ever before and the age range of members has never been so diverse. The Club’s timeless character and ambiance remain the same.

Membership is a privilege. Members join for a variety of reasons - friendship, the welcoming reception provided to members and their guests, and a lively exchange of opinions.

Please contact Kerry Holladay, Membership Director, at (808) 748-4827 (direct) or [email protected] for further details on the value and benefits of being a Pacific Club member.