Reciprocal Clubs

One of the benefits of membership in The Pacific Club is our vast network of over 150 Reciprocal Clubs worldwide.

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All Clubs with whom we have reciprocity have been carefully scrutinized, and only those that meet the strict requirements and highest possible standards as established by our Board of Governors and our Member Relations Committee are granted such reciprocity. In nearly every case, those Clubs appearing on our current Reciprocal Roster have been visited by one or more of our members, assuring that the required standards have been met.

The privileges of our Club may also be extended to any suitable person who is not a resident of O'ahu at your request. No member, however, may extend guest privileges to more than three (3) persons at one time and guests so introduced are not permitted this privilege a second time until a period of six (6) months has elapsed.

Reciprocal guests are permitted the full use of the Club and all its facilities on the same basis as our Members for a period, or periods, not exceeding one (1) month in any calendar year.

A Letter of Introduction is required from The Pacific Club's Front Desk to the Reciprocal Club of your choice. Please contact the Front Desk at 808.536.0836 or

Reciprocal Clubs are a tremendous value to you as a Member. Use them frequently as a true "home away from home," when traveling for business or pleasure. We appreciate reviews on the Reciprocal Clubs you visit. Please submit your Reciprocal Reviews to Valerie Ito, Marketing Coordinator, so they may be printed in the next issue of the Express.

Oahu Country Club Limited Reciprocity Agreement