Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis at The Pacific Club has long been an island tradition, and the Club features four paddle tennis courts.

The game is played with similar rules as tennis but on a smaller court. At The Pacific Club, a regular tennis ball is used (a deflated ball is traditional on the East Coast), a special paddle is used instead of a tennis racket, and serving is done overhand.

Classes are held weekly and competition matches are available at every skill level. For the avid player, The Pacific Club holds semiannual Invitational, Masters Tournaments, a Queens of the Court Tournament and an annual Club Championship in the fall. 

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 5:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday 6:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

 Tennis Instructors
  Ty Aki
USPTA Certification, USRSA Certification, BA - Public Administration, BA Business Administration, Masters in Public Administration
Ty specializes in Tennis. He believes that: "Everyone who has been involved in an athletic program needs to participate in some form of personal training. For me, the rule is: you don't use tennis to get fit - you must get fit to play tennis.
Available By Appointment
808.258.8677 |
  Roberta Russo 
Tennis Pro
Roberta is from Naples, Italy where her passion for tennis was sparked at very young age. Roberta was chosen to join the Italian Team and previously held a world ranking. Roberta has played in major tournaments such as The Italian Open and The French Open. Roberta earned her certification as a Tennis Coach from The European and International Tennis Federation. Roberta has coached in various academies in Europe, one being the famous Sanchez Casal Academy in Barcelona, Spain. Roberta is the Assistant Tennis Coach at Punahou for the Girls Varsity Tennis Team. Her coaching skills helped to take Punahou all the way to win States in 2017! Roberta’s students say she makes learning tennis fun!

  • Rules
      • Courts may be reserved by members for special functions. No reservations are permitted for the seven day period preceeding the major tennis tournaments.
      • In establishing use priority, the traditional order of decreasing court preference is: Middle (#2), Waikiki/Diamond Head (#1), Ewa/Mauka (#3), Ewa/Makai (#4).
      • At all times, DOUBLES MATCHES WILL HAVE PRIORITY OVER SINGLES MATCHES on Courts 1 and 2. However, a singles match shall be permitted to complete the six game set in progress.
      • Foursomes composed of members who wish to reserve a court time on weekdays, except holidays between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., shall register their players' names, court preference, and preferred day of play with the Fitness Manager.
      • Reserved courts scheduling shall be consistent with Established Foursomes. An up-to-date schedule of reserved court times shall be posted at the kiosk. A formal review of Established Foursomes' court usage shall be made on an annual basis by the Athletic Committee Chairman.
      • Alternate members or guests may fill in for absent members of an Established Foursome. However, guests are subject to guest rules and foursomes composed entirely of members shall take precedence.
      • Members and spouses of members will have priority over children of members at all times.
      • Members and their spouses have equal rights to the tennis courts, except during reserved court times. (Then members will have priority)
      • During play on the courts, a guest may be accompanied by the member or spouse of the member bringing the guest.
      • Appropriate attire and conduct is expected on the courts at all times.
      • Shoes that mark or damage the courts are not permitted.
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